01 03 2022

We reached 100 million euros in 2021!


Today, Nordest Economia interviews our Group CEO, Pietro Barteselli about an important milestone reached in 2021.
The important turnover milestone reached in 2021 is told.
A result that confirms the goodness of the strategic vision set and the validity of the latest group projects: from the launch of new collections with a high design and technology content, to the renewal of the image and the enhancement of digital activities.

"Also in 2022 we want to continue this path with confidence and determination, continuing to guarantee an excellent service to our commercial partners, and to be increasingly recognized worldwide as a reference player for lighting solutions for furniture and 'furniture industry. " These are the words of our CEO Pietro Barteselli.

From the Nordest Economia 1 March 2022

The light that furnishes is the business of L&S which archives the 21st with a turnover of over 100 million
Revenues up 22% for the leading company in lighting systems. Ad Barteselli: "Ready to grow even with acquisitions". Andrea Ottaviano, CEO of Clessidra: "With last year's results, L&S has reached a first important milestone and rewards Clessidra's ability and competence in working alongside management in creating business value"

The dynamic growth of L&S lies within the silent revolution of the world of light. Not only that, functional and indispensable in homes, offices, shops, factories, but an element of furniture and an element "inside" the furniture.