From planning to implementation, we develop trends in interior design to interpret the role of light in public and private spaces in everyday life.

04.01.A - Spazi  - Home@2x 04.01.B - Spazi  - Home@2x 04.01.C - Spazi  - Home@2x


Solutions for lighting domestic living spaces. Visual comfort and functional practicality take shape: from the kitchen and living room to the walk-in wardrobe and bathroom area.

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04.02.A - Spazi  - Retail@2x 04.02.B - Spazi  - Retail@2x 04.02.C - Spazi  - Retail@2x


Light that enhances the characteristics of each object on display. Versatility and a wide range of solutions make our products ideal for every type of sales outlet.

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04.03.A - Spazi  - Hospitality@2x 04.03.B - Spazi  - Hospitality@2x 04.03.C - Spazi  - Hospitality@2x


Light as an essential element to enhance the design of the space, while attending to the guest experience. Extremely diverse settings, our know-how at your service.

04.04.A - Spazi  - Public@2x 04.04.B - Spazi  - Public@2x


Lighting projects to amplify the experience of artistic enjoyment. Exhibition spaces where light enhances the illuminated work, involving the viewer in a unique visual experience.

04.05.A - Spazi  - Office@2x 04.05.B - Spazi  - Office@2x 04.05.C - Spazi  - Office@2x


Lights as furnishing accessories for open spaces, offices and meeting rooms. We develop customised lighting solutions to enhance and help improve visual comfort in workplaces.

04.06.A - Spazi  - Industrial@2x 04.06.B - Spazi  - Industrial@2x 04.06.C - Spazi  - Industrial@2x


Experience and design skills. We are the ideal partner for companies looking for co-development and production skills to make  the best lighting solutions for lifts, escalators, extractor hoods & more.

04.07.A - Spazi  - Distributors@2x 04.07.B - Spazi  - Distributors@2x 04.07.C - Spazi  - Distributors@2x


"Easy to install" products. Lighting solutions tailored to your needs, offering greater flexibility in our range of products and faster product implementation.

04.08.A - Spazi  - Marine@2x 04.08.B - Spazi  - Marine@2x 04.08.C - Spazi  - Marine@2x


Solutions that promote the well-being and relaxation of passengers. Lighting systems for the interiors of cruise ships and shipping vessels, perfectly integrated into the stylistic design of the fitting.