07 04 2022

Traces of Light on the road: The travelling showroom


The Van Traces of Light is a travelling showroom, with a large selection of the L&S product range on display.

The project is designed to engage the visitor in an active experience of seeing the product in use and interacting with its functions in order to find the lighting system that best suits their needs.
The central work desk makes it possible to organise dedicated in-depth training and business meetings.


Here are some of the main milestones of the last few months.


March 2022

3600 km travelled, 50 hours of training, 7 cities visited: these are the numbers of our travelling showroom's trip to France in March.
During the live events at our partners' premises, we presented more than 50 new products and catalogue proposals and discussed the world of lighting with more than 130 participants.
Traces of Light on the road starts again for a new tour between Italy and Austria.





November 2021

Our travelling showroom Traces of Light has recently made its first trip to some of our partners in Lombardy! This was our first opportunity in several months to present our lighting solutions in person.

In the coming weeks, the tour continued with several stops in the south of France, with training sessions with our selected customers and sharing the latest product news.



In the digital and virtual age, we believe that human contact remains an essential way of communicating with people.

Please send us a message for more information and to arrange a visit from Traces of Light.