31 03 2022

Slimfit: comfort and practicality for organising cables and power supplies

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Slimfit is the functional solution for indoor environments: kitchen, living area, sleeping area, bathroom.

With its minimalist and versatile design, Slimfit is the perfect choice if you need to hide the wiring and power supplies of L&S lights installed in the cabinets above the wall units.

Designed to ensure minimal aesthetic impact while respecting the environment in which it is installed, it also offers courtesy lighting that further enhances its use.

Slimfit is supplied as a kit, consisting of a profile with an opal diffuser that can be cut to size, two end caps and the corresponding supports to prevent the profile from bending. The finish is in white. The LED source (optional) is an Emotion Dual Colour strip reel (3000-4000K), available in 12 or 24 V.