12 10 2023

L&S strengthens its leadership in the Design and Production of LED Lighting Panels and Light Boxes with the Flexlite brand

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The L&S Group expands with the acquisition of the Flexlite brand, a technological and innovative entity born in 2008 from the idea of exploring the potential of LED technology in customized luminous surfaces. These applications include decorations for hotel furnishings, restaurants, retail spaces, offices, exhibition areas, museum installations, naval furnishings, scenic architecture, and illuminated advertising, ranging from small to large dimensions.


Research and development is the heart of the company: the LED lighting technology and innovation produce lighting solutions designed to achieve energy and lighting efficiency, true colors and versatility in every situation and the EDGE LIGHT TECHNOLOGY allows to create panels with reduced thickness.


Thanks to this new strategic choice:

  • we strengthen the L&S Group’s offer focused on custom products and services for ceiling and wall lighting or backlighting projects for hospitality, retail and exhibition spaces;
  • we accelerate our skills in terms of LED technology, design and ability to work on a custom project;
  • we continue the dynamic growth of Saper Fare Italiano at international level.




"I am proud of the L&S Group," remarks Pietro Barteselli, CEO of L&S. "We are integrating the Flexlite brand and collaborating with Filippo Lazzarini, the company's founder. This accelerates the consolidation of expertise in terms of LED technology, design, and the capacity to work on individual projects. It expands our ability to offer excellent products and highly professional services to our top-tier international clients, particularly in the retail and hospitality sectors, with significant growth potential."


"I am excited to stand by the L&S Group from today onward. This strategic choice allows us to scale the Flexlite project more robustly on an international scale. The production of luminous panels within the L&S Group," continues Filippo Lazzarini, founder and CEO of Flexlite Srl, "also facilitates the complete transfer of our technological experience and know-how."


"In the complexity of current macroeconomic scenarios, this new strategic arrangement highlights a solid development path for creating corporate value and increasing production capacity for the local territory, encompassing an internationally-oriented entity from the province of Venice. We continue our dynamic growth of Saper Fare Italiano in an industry such as lighting, characterized by significant growth prospects, as an integral design element with a strong focus on quality details," concludes Pietro Barteselli, CEO of L&S. "On the occasion of the international event Sicam 2023 in Pordenone, we will be together for the first time to 'illuminate' our clients' projects."