22 03 2022

Kiton. Universal solution against bacteria and viruses

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The process of innovation and the quality of service we want to give our customers also involves improving products already on the market.
This is the case with Kiton, a linear lamp specifically for kitchen drawers and doors. Kiton has been a trend-setter in the home living market for years, thanks to some factors that make it unique:
  • design. With its 11mm height and 21mm depth, Kiton can be used in any existing furniture model on the market, regardless of the position of the hinges for closing drawers and doors
  • stability. Its special shape allows Kiton to be installed on the cabinet sides quickly and easily, avoiding central fixings. Kiton does not flex even in the largest 1200mm versions
  • the asymmetrical beam. Kiton's optics are designed to distribute light irregularly: 70% illuminates the outside of the cabinet when it is opened, the remaining 30% directs light into the interior of the cabinet, ensuring optimal lighting, even for furniture with hinged doors

The new version with a central sensor.
At Sicam 2021, we presented a preview of the new version with a central sensor.
This development makes Kiton a universal product, suitable for installation on both base units with drawers and hinged doors. This is a service for our customers who no longer have to manage different product versions, and will have a single solution for different uses.

Kiton with the new central sensor is also part of the ‘Lighting Intelligence’ programme, a selection of linear lamps that allow alternating white light and bactericidal function, and is already available in ‘Blue Light’ and ‘UV’ versions.