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Lighting is the key for the success of many products. Either decorative or functional, a well-designed illumination makes the difference.
This is where the L&S expertise comes in: more than 40 years of history and competence in giving light to projects and objects.
Not only pieces of furniture, for which we are renowned worldwide, but also elevators, escalators, hoods, refrigerators, awnings, heaters are among the products carrying L&S solutions.


L&S is the preferred partner to co-develop the lighting fixtures to give extra value to your product. Our R&D capabilities and experience in devising luminaires to be inserted in structures allow us to translate the customer needs and idea into projects, prototypes and products. We are constantly in touch with the technical, quality and purchasing departments of our customers in order to realize functional, aesthetically pleasant and easy to mount products. While always also keeping an eye on cost effectiveness.


Our worldwide presence, of three manufacturing plants and a commercial branch with a workshop for customizations, let us always be close to the customer, wherever he manufactures. The quality and safety certifications guarantee the total security of the product.