Why to choose LED?

The introduction of LED light sources has revolutionised the applications of light in the lighting industry. The new highly efficient and long-lasting light sources guarantee considerable savings in terms of maintenance and energy consumption.

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LED light produces the entire visible light spectrum without the harmful U.V. radiation, thereby improving the natural colour and quality of products.



LED light is sustainable and has a very low environmental impact.



LED light sources are easy to control and they can use red, green and blue ranges, thanks to computerised control systems.



Compared to incandescent lamps, LED light sources consume up to 90% less energy for the same light emission.


LED is less pollution
and more money saving!

Light influences the perception of objects by modifying their appearance, therefore, it is essential to have full control of the colour temperature.

LED for L&S

Thanks to its pioneer spirit in the use of LED light sources, L&S has developed in-depth knowledge and in this field, enabling the company to constantly improve the quality of its products.
For L&S, quality not only means procuring the best components but also controlling the entire design and production process, driven by a unique 'made in L&S' outcome.

The light source

L&S implements a careful selection process of colour BINs and qualitatively selects LEDs on the basis of each colour temperature. The colour interval is controlled for each LED, so as to guarantee a constant colour temperature. Moreover, all products come with an 'identity card' for tracking the product's history.
Quality is a guarantee of continuity over time, for example in the case of integrations or replacements.

In order to guarantee that the ENTIRE product complies with certain characteristics, L&S has developed a series of flexible customised strips.

The optics

Lighting tools specifically designed for their respective application areas are the key for fascinating lighting concepts in architecture.

L&S designs and builds optical elements that efficiently and precisely shape the light of both LEDs and conventional light sources, making that light predictable and usable.

Heat sinks

Constructional measures ensure that the LED modules operate within their ideal thermal range so they achieve output for the specified power throughout their operational life.

Control systems

Light control system allows the management of operation of a lighting system by sending digital signals to switch on/off or reduce the quantity and color quality of the emitted light, depending on the actual requirements of the environment.

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