"Made in L&S" Colour Management: choose Emotion!

"Emotion" technology, developed by L&S, allows for gradually varying the colour temperature from warm light to cool light. It is a system designed for use on furniture elements, where the colour temperature needs to be modified. Depending on the products to be illuminated, the light colour can be adjusted between 2,700K and 6,400K.

With Emotion, choose your atmosphere.

'Emotion®' technology allows to gradually vary the colour temperature from warm light to cool light.


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Emotion Dual Color

Emotion Dual Color (EDC) is the innovative new system developed by L&S for the easy management of colour temperature from the warm (3000K), to natural (4000K) in a single lighting device, in one simple move.
For products with an infrared switch, EDC will take you from 3000K to 4000K in just 5 seconds, simply by passing your hand over the switch.
For products without a controller, a “Emotion Jumper” is supplied, a converter cable that can adjust the colour temperature without the need for two separate lighting devices.
Thanks to the new EDC system it is now possible to meet a range of market demands, from the correct illumination of a kitchen worktop to lighting that accentuates a product in a retail space, effectively providing two products in a single device.

Emotion Dual Color is compatible with most products in the “Linear” and “Spot” lighting categories. EDC is also suitable for use with the “Emotion” controller, the patented lighting system from L&S that gives a gradual shift between colour temperatures.

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