L&S Sales Approach

Large Volumes, a Customized Approach

L&S possesses a world-class distribution network and commercial ability. The Company produces large volumes and develops tailor-made projects. L&S is able to satisfy demands for highly customised solutions, as well as to differentiate products, according to the market in which it operates. L&S' Customers can access an extensive assortment of solutions. The proposals can be subdivided into:

  • Catalogue Products
  • Customized Products

Being a leader with a solid reputation even for raw material selection, allows L&S to manage preferential and exclusive relations with the best suppliers on the market.

Innovation also stems from knowledge and use of the best components available on the market.

Showcasing L&S Products

L&S prepares printed and digital communication tools for customers in order to support sales staff with product information.
Trade fairs are an important opportunity for showcasing previews of the latest products and the market trends.

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