Integrated wiring systems

“I perceive Light, without distinguishing the Source”

Lighting systems have evolved and become part of the furnishing projects. LED technology has been decisive in bringing about a technological and design revolution. Besides being a source of energy saving, LED light privileges the observer's visual comfort, as the eye perceives light but not its source. With regard to the shop lighting sector, illumination is a crucial component -alongside the display structure- for optimally enhancing products.

Integrating LED lights requires in-depth knowledge of the modularity necessities of commercial furnishings: management and maintenance of display spaces must be simplified.

L&S is involved in developing ergonomic solutions where the electrical, technological and aesthetic aspects are fully merged and work in unison. Wiring is integrated: tracks, connectors, ballasts, fixing systems and light sources are part of a system, designed specifically for display facilities.

The light source originates from inside the display facility where the electrical component – perfectly integrated into the system – enhances the product's characteristics.

The Right Light for Your Products

L&S proposes integrated wiring systems for shelving and display facilities.
Lighting solutions must adapt to constantly evolving shop environments, where the module-based layout is often altered and shifted to accommodate the products and the seasons. With L&S' easy-to-install solutions, every aspect can be managed in a straightforward manner, directly by the shop clerk.
The lighting system must be straightforward, intuitive and safe.
L&S is an expert partner capable of offering in-depth knowledge of the furniture market, in addition to its production capacity. The wiring systems for shelving are constructed according to customer specifications. Moreover, mock-ups of customers' products are developed too.
L&S collaborates with the major European shelving manufacturers, for which it has created electrified tracks specifically for their display facilities.

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