Illumination for furniture

Shapes and Colours for Your Furniture

Furniture manufacturers have always been an influential Player for L&S. L&S boasts a wide range of lighting solutions for every environment, both in residential or commercial environments, including retail displays, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, to name a few.
Our strength derives from a profound and comprehensive knowledge of the Furniture Market in all its different aspects, which –among the others- include the production phase and a mix of technical, functional and aesthetical issues. Moreover, L&S designs its systems upon different Customers’ requests and final applications of light. Thanks to its organization and flexibility, L&S manages both wholesale and retail projects, from small residential applications to large-scale, customized projects.

Balancing design with functionality is essential to L&S' approach.

L&S, the Market, the Customer

L&S approaches the Market by anticipating trends and creating solutions where design and functionality coexist.
Operating with the major furniture brands leads the Company to collaborate with the best architects and designers, creating opportunity and motivation to evolve the lighting solutions continuously.

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