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L&S is an advanced Player in the interior lighting sector, with a special focus on the furniture industry.
L&S' lighting systems enhance perception of the product and increase its value in the eyes of the end customer, thereby optimizing the sales process.
Illumination is able to furnish a living room, kitchen, bedroom, or to enhance products inside a point of sale.
Illumination can create atmosphere, warm up an environment, enrich a jewel, dress or perfume, almost to the point of sensing its notes in the air.
Light becomes a vital element, capable of bestowing value, pleasure and energy.

Uncommon fairness, attentiveness and sensitivity within the Company and in the relations with customers and suppliers.

Ethics - Commitment to pursue Quality Relationships

Ethics is viewed as uncommon fairness, attentiveness and sensitivity, both within the Company and in the relations with customers and suppliers.

It is revealed in everyday activities – from the simplest conversations to those determining the most complex decisions.

Ethics translates into timeliness, rigour and reliability.


Our Values

We possess strong and tangible intellectual values, that model our day-to-day activities.

Team spirit and sharing of efforts & results -irrespective of employees' roles- help boosting awareness and forging a success-oriented approach.

The sense of belonging to the Company translates into conscious engagement at all levels and in contributing value to customers, through behaviour geared towards processes.

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