Micro Meccano is the L&S system that allows you to create customized LED luminaires by choosing the linear profile that best suits your needs.

It consists of several individual parts, profiles, screens, LED reels, controllers and power supplies, allowing you to build a completely customized luminaire that is easy to assemble. This is possible due to a special connector, developed by the laboratories of research and development of L&S, which integrates seamlessly with the LED reels, avoiding any kind of welding, and thus making it possible to recover the entire reel. All the Micro Meccano models have an Emotion Dual Color strip reel for choosing any color temperature between 3000-4000K.

In addition, all the Micro Meccano strip reel are in CRI90 version, for a superior color rendering.

The Micro Meccano & Meccano strengths:

1. the flexibility allows you the possibility to create your own custom linear lighting system with a clean aesthetic and small footprint
2. the reduction of delivery times, have a very fast turn around since the finished product can be made at the exact time when you create the need for having to install it, also causing a reduction in costs
3. the ability to change your mind. In fact, thanks to the elements created with an interlocking logic, it is always possible to remove the finished product and assemble it with other components



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